Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plasticine Self-Portraits

Barbara Reid books have always been a favourite in my home. Kids love staring at her amazing plasticine pictures in awe. I was trying to thinkingg of a new way for my grade 3/4 art class to make self portraits and came across this lesson from the Barbara Reid Website

The kids LOVED this activity and did a great job. I started by reading a Barbara Reid book (any will do) and discussing the pictures and how she created the illusion of different textures and what we had around the classroom that could create the same look (paperclips, pencil tips etc.) The activity took 3 full 40 minute periods. The first we used to complete the background and the other two periods were used to complete the face. I used hard cardstock for the background. It would suggest placing plasticine on top of a heater to soften it up a bit before using it. It takes quite a bit of time to knead it to make it soft enough to work with. The kids took quite a bit of time blending colours together to get the correct skin tones and hair colour.

Because plasticine is difficult to display, I took a photo of each potrait and will be displaying the photos on the bullentine board outside the classroom. I will post a photo once I am done. This really was a fun activity for the kids and a nice break from 2D works of art.

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