Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Day Stained Glass

This is a really pretty stained glass heart that looks so beautiful when it is in a window. It is REALLY easy and turns out well everytime! I used this with pre-school and kindergarten but can also be used in grade 1 (but I make the kids fold, trace and cut out their own hearts)

Materials:-red or pink construction paper
-waxed paper
-squares of red, pink, white, green tissue paper
-white glue

Fold paper paper together and cut out big heart and then smaller one inside

Step 2: Place waxed paper under your heart and put white glue all over waxed paper and edge of heart.
Step 3: Cover inside of heart with little inch squares of different colour tissue paper 9red, pink, white, light green).

Step 4: Let dry overnight then pull waxed paper off

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